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"Hi, I’m Sarita Sloane.

I am an Occupational Therapist in Noosa, Queensland. Are you ready to move forward with your life and do what you love again? I love helping people like you live your best life and kick goals in your own unique way.

My joy is to bring a sense of calm, hope and possibility to your day, despite any challenges that you may have. I help you find solutions to live at home better through home modifications; live larger through rehabilitation and yoga therapy and Live it up by enabling you to do what you love doing.

My lifelong passion is movement and somatic therapy, I have helped hundreds of people like you thrive with Yoga and Occupational Therapy. I am also now offering group programs and retrats for women, and training courses for professionals. I would love to hear from you and see how we could work together.

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Hi, I'm Emma Brodie, OT

Emma has a gentle and compassionate nature and prioritises building relationships as an essential part of the therapy process. Emma believes empowering clients creates the most impactful effect on the outcomes of therapy.  


Emma graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2019 and has experience working with adults and children across a broad range of disabilities including physical, cognitive and psychosocial disabilities. Emma has experience with functional capacity assessments and evidence-based interventions including purposeful activity, skills training, task adaption, education, activity analysis and assistive technology to support client engagement in occupations to enhance wellbeing.  


Emma is available to take on referrals for children and adults aged 2-65, with special interest areas of young children and women’s health. 

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How Can We Help You?

If you want to start thriving despite disability, but feel a bit lost as to where to start

If you've got something you’d love to do again, but there are barriers in the way

If you're ready to modify your home environment to make is safe and accessible

Then you’ve come to the right place


We work with NDIS, DVA, Medicare and private funding to help you access Occupational Therapy for a better way of life. Sarita specialises in recovery and rehabilitation for people with neurological disorders
such as Parkinson Disease, MS, Stroke and Brain Injury; Chronic Pain Conditions, Trauma and Mental Health Challenges. Check out and explore Sarita's services:

Yoga Therapy Training with Sarita:

I also teach therapists and yoga teachers how to integrate Yoga and Occupational Therapy

Here are my therapist trainings

Yoga for Interoceptive Awareness- Awaken your Eighth Sense Teacher Training

Whats the BUZZ around "Interoception"? Experience how you can enrich your yoga therapy or classes with ways to build Interoceptive awareness

"Interoception" is often called our "eighth sense" and there is a buzz around ways to develop this sense in the health and wellness field recently, with good reason. If you are interested in yoga and mindfulness, you have likely come across the link Interoception has with a multitude of physical and mental health conditions.


Learn More

Womens rest, reset and Rise Retreats

Tired of feeling like you’re running on empty?

Do you dream of
a safe space to deeply relax, release stress and reset?
For time and space for connection to yourSelf?
to connect with nature and to other women?
to heal your body and mind from trauma?
I invite you to give yourself the gift of this intimate and healing retreat.

Begin the journey to restore your whole being and rise with resilience!

Read more about the retreats and to register:

Womens retreats

What others say...


Phiona, NDIS Applicant

I met Sarita approximately one month ago when she came to our house to do an OT assessment for an NDIS application. She was very friendly,  professional, and obviously experienced in her work. Her report offered advice on better types of equipment to use to ensure comfort and safety in our home. Sarita was very efficient in returning her report to us.  I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone needing OT advice, assessment and/or reporting.”


“Sarita was recommended to me, what a great decision to choose her as our paediatric OT. Fast and great communication. She was wonderful to deal with, not only myself but with our son. She had a natural empathy but was very professional. She really takes the time to get to know her clients. Her reports were very well articulated, she has a world of knowledge in her expertise and is very familiar with the NDIS process.Very grateful for her support at this time. Highly recommended!”


Nicole, NDIS Client, Parkinson's coach and support coordinator
“I highly recommend Sarita both in her professional role and as a fellow life traveller with her Yoga teaching.  My working environment is highly charged and working with Sarita is something I'm very grateful for as she is a beacon of calm, strength, audacity and quiet, reliable integrity.”




Angie, NDIS Client
“Sarita is caring and friendly and has helped me immensely with Modification to my home.  I am lucky to have Sarita as my OT. Sarita has done an excellent job with all aspects of yoga, exercise, modifications. I would recommend Sarita to anyone that needed an OT.”



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