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Occupational Therapy for NDIS, DVA and Medicare

 in the Noosa and Sunshine Coast area

My services include:

  • Occupational Therapy assessment and interventions with empowering therapy to help clients live well and enjoy a full life
  • Specialist experience in neurological disorders such as Parkinson's Disease, stroke, brain injury and Mental Health, Anxiety, Trauma and Persistent Pain recovery
  • Rewire Yoga Therapy - individual and group neuroplasticity optimised yoga programs
  • Home Assessments and all Home Modifications
  • Assistive Technology Assessments and Reports
  • Functional Capacity Assessments and Reports
  • SIL and ILO housing options and functional assessment and reports
  • NDIS Access Reports

“Medicine adds days to life. Occupational Therapy adds life to days!”

"Occupational Therapy, can't into can, impossible into possible,  hopeless into hope."

My OT services include

Rehabilitation and Recovery 

Occupational Therapy is about helping you to do what you love doing. Actively doing these meaningful activities can be the therapy itself, or it may be the goal we are working towards achieving. When we are engaged in a task or creative pursuit and feel confident and independent in that task, it is healing for the soul. I particularly enjoy engaging in activities that have meaning for you, connect with nature, music, movement and develop mindfulness and creativity. Rehabilitation is the journey of re-inhabiting the body, of repairing and reclaiming lost parts of the Self. Drawing on your strengths and my OT toolbox of skills and therapeutic expertise, together we will find the way home to your best self.

I have specialist experience in working with adults with neurological disorders such as Parkinson's Disease, stroke, brain injury and across Mental Health, Anxiety, Trauma and Persistent Pain recovery. If it's suitable for you, therapy may also integrate individual and group neuroplasticity optimised yoga therapy, assistive equipment or home modifications.

“A Physiotherapist will get you walking again. An Occupational Therapist will get you dancing…” 


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 I am experienced in providing effective assessment and reports for the NDIS including

  • Functional Capacity
  • Assistive technology
  • Complex Home modifications
  • NDIS Access reports

“Sarita was recommended to me, what a great decision to choose her as our paediatric OT. Fast and great communication. She was wonderful to deal with, not only myself but with our 9 year old. She had a natural empathy but was very professional. She really takes the time to get to know her clients. Her reports were very well articulated, she has a world of knowledge in her expertise and is very familiar with the NDIS process.Very grateful for her support at this time. Highly recommended!” Natalia, carer for a child with special needs needing access to the NDIS

I met Sarita approximately one month ago when she came to our house to do an OT assessment for an NDIS application. She was very friendly,  professional, and obviously experienced in her work. Her report offered advice on better types of equipment to use to ensure comfort and safety in our home. Sarita was very efficient in returning her report to us.  I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone needing OT advice, assessment and/or reporting.” Phiona, NDIS Applicant with Parkinson’s Disease

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Testimonial: “Sarita is caring and friendly and has helped me immensely with Modification to my home.

I am lucky to have Sarita as my OT. Sarita has done an excellent job with all aspects of yoga, exercise and home modifications. I would recommend Sarita to anyone that needed an OT”- “Angela”, NDIS client with Parkinson's Disease

Minor and Major Home modifications can make a BIG difference to your life at home.  

 Minor modifications: Small changes can be made through an assessment and falls prevention program.  These individually tailored adjustments are always made in consultation with you and others living in the home, so that it stays feeling like your home, your sanctuary, your domain.  Modifications, such as better lighting, clearing access pathways and adding threshold ramps, platform steps or grab rails in just the right place, not only keep you safer, they can increase your confidence to be more active and more relaxed when moving about your home. 

 Major Modifications: These include things like changing the bathroom, kitchen or  living areas to be wheelchair accessible and or making your home accessible with ramps, lifts or stairlifts.  The need for these types of modifications usually arise when there is a significant change in your mobility, which can happen slowly over time such as with progressive disorders like Parkinson's disease or MS, or sometimes rapidly after an accident or brain injury like a stroke or car accident for example. Sometimes they are just needed as a part of supporting you to live safely in your family home as you age.  

As well as being a qualified Occupational Therapist, Sarita has done additional professional development in the area of complex home modifications and has several years of experience assessing, designing, planning and working with builders and trades to implement the changes needed to meet your specific needs.  She has worked with NDIS, DVA, Home Care/Aged Care and privately funded clients to achieve great outcomes.

Read about my “Top tips for home modifications for ageing safely at home- from a home mods OT”;  as well as “Preventing falls at home with Parkinsons and related neurological disorders." on the BLOG

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Assistive technology

So you have been living with Parkinson's Disease or other progressive neurological condition and your mobility and balance are getting worse. What can you do to prevent falls at home? Some ideas for home modifications and falls prevention”

Assistive technology or AT is a fancy term OT’s use to describe the devices, gadgets and equipment we can use to make life easier.  These can range from daily living aids such as an automatic can opener, a long handled reacher or a tipper kettle; to mobility aids such as a walking stick, wheeled walker or wheelchair.  It can also be technology that you use to manage your environment and make your home a “smart home” such as automatically opening doors and blinds.  And what about cognitive supports such as reminders, smart watches, apps and fancy medication boxes? See where I am going here? We could go anywhere really with AT!

That's where the OT comes in. Through careful assessment and clinical reasoning I use my knowledge about you as a person and your functional skills, strengths and challenges and combine this with my expertise in the word of AT, to prescribe and trial what might help you do the things you love to do, independently again or, without as much pain or exhaustion, or just do them even better.  I have experience with AT applications and processes in the NDIS and other funding models and can help you with the best way to get what you need to live life better with AT.

Read about “Top Daily living aids for people with Parkinson's disease and neurological disorders” on the BLOG here


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