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Yoga For Interoceptive Awareness

Awaken your Eighth Sense, Teacher and therapist training  workshop

CONTENT: What's the BUZZ around "Interoception"? Experience how you can enrich your yoga therapy or classes with ways to build Interoceptive awareness

"Interoception" is often called our "eighth sense" and there is a buzz around ways to develop this sense in the health and wellness field recently, with good reason. If you are interested in yoga and mindfulness, you have likely come across the link Interoception has with a multitude of physical and mental health conditions. In this webinar, we will be exploring recent research, challenges and topics of interest in regards to Interoception and specifically yoga and mindfulness in this space.

Deepen your awareness of Interoception as a powerful system of receptors spread throughout our body pulling in information to keep you in balance (homeostasis), and helping you to know how and what you feel. When we have this sense of how we are feeling on the inside, we can learn how we need to respond ~"Interoceptive awareness", this not only keeps us well by taking the actions we need to be healthy, we also deepen into an awareness of our true Self and needs.

In this way, yoga with its rich tools in which to come to "Know ourselves" more deeply, from the inside out, offers each of us a space to cultivate interoception and interoceptive awareness. 

In this training and practical session, Sarita will present:

  • current research into why we would want to bring Interoception into our therapy for clients in a variety of fields
  • why is there such a BUZZ on Interoception
  •  what this sensory system is and how it works in the body and brain
  • The most powerful neuroscience, evidence-based ways to develop interoception
  • an introduction to evidence-based Interoception programs
  • AND share an introductory practice of Interoception-enriched yoga, for you to taste how to highlight the development of interoceptive awareness in yoga practices for yourself or with your clients
  • Space for sharing your own insights and knowledge and for asking questions about anything Interoception and yoga! 

Approximate format:

  • Introduction and background:30mins (presentation)
  • Yoga practice: 60minutes Yoga Practice
  • Journalling or reflection break:10mins
  • Reflection on practice and explicit interoception yoga teaching methods and question time: 30mins (live interaction)

About the presenter:

Sarita Sloane is an Occupational Therapist working in private practice in Noosa, Queensland. Growing up as a deeply sensitive being in a sensory world, she has found the wisdom and gifts of yoga, dance and somatic practices a sure way to stay sane, ground her awareness and live life with more effectiveness, balance and joy. Trained as a yoga therapist and teacher since 2000 she has facilitated many groups and individuals to connect with and honour their body and interoceptive awareness. She now brings these tools into her practice as an OT working with kids and adults with ASD, ADHD, anxiety and neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease and brain injury. Sarita has trained in "The Interoception Curriculum" with Kelly Mahler (OTR), as well as many related programs.

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